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Coffee as Part Of Our Collective Culture

It is an essential component in the lives of many people. It is related to social aspects of our daily life. Accompany the end of meals and the breaks. It has many varieties and a legion of fans. Of course, I am talking about coffee, and today we are going to talk about the impact this drink has on our culture and our lives.

Essential to start the day

63% of Spaniards over 15 years of age take at least one coffee a day. This statistic shows the tremendous impact that drink has on the lives of millions of people. The average consumption is 3 coffees a day, but surely the most important for many is the first. Some take it at home before leaving, others prefer to go to the bar, and of course there are those who choose to share it with colleagues at work as soon as they arrive at the office.

Beyond flavor, a coffee has a double effect. One is psychological, since most people feel more clear right after drinking it, before the caffeine has had time to take effect. The other, of course, is real, and it speeds up the metabolism a little, to be more productive.

The best companion for breaks

And since we are talking about the office, it is true that coffee is the perfect excuse to share a moment with colleagues and socialize. In these five minutes of rest, more personal conversations arise. Coffee makes it possible to connect with others at a level closer and more human than the typical conversations about the progress of the work.

A coffee for each person

With the permission of Italy, Spain must be one of the countries with the most ways to drink coffee. Alone, cut, with milk, stained, without caffeine, with ice, espresso, Cariello, chocolate, Irish, and all the ways I forget. The truth is that if you eat regularly with one person, you will realize that everyone has their favorite, and you will even learn that so-and-so likes a decaffeinated ice. And of course, there is no shortage of those who ask for infusions or the “weirdos” who do not take anything (I include myself in that last category).

In addition, since the invention of coffee makers with capsules, nowadays everyone can have the coffee they like most at home in a few seconds and try a wide variety of flavors and styles. There are very good comparative studies on the different types of machines, so you can choose the one you like best.

Impacts on health

Coffee has several health benefits, in addition to the advantage of socializing that we have already mentioned. Some studies suggest that it could prevent type 2 diabetes, contains antioxidants, has vitamin B3 and magnesium, among others. Of course, the benefits are always within a reasonable consumption, up to a maximum of three cups per day. Beyond that, excess caffeine can be harmful, especially in terms of stress or the risk of insomnia. I invite you to read the article about the pros and cons of coffee we published some time ago to learn more about the relationship of that drink with your health.


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